Skin whitening effect by inhibiting malenogenesis

Topical skin-depigmentation activities of the active component, glabridin….
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Anti-inflammatory effects

An assay was performed to test the anti-inflammatory activity of glabridin when used for topical application…
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Antioxidant effects

Licorice used topically is documented to reduce the amount of corticosteroids in dermatological infections…
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Glabridin, the main compound in the hydrophobic fraction of licorice extract is known for its beneficial effects on the skin due to its anti-inflammatory and skin whitening properties. Glycyrrhizin and glychrrhetinic acid are also known to have anti-inflammatory properties. The hydrophobic fraction containing glabridin and other flavonoids is known to have an inhibitory effect on melanogenesis. Some researchers have established that this effect may be due to the constituents ability to inhibit tyrosinase activity.